Sunday, March 3, 2013

So I have to really appologize to those who are following my blog. It has been so long since I have updated my blog. I guess you can say I am really busy, or just don't do it very often. Well the last time I wrote on my blog Alvin was 10 months old, and he is 18 months old know. Wow things sure have changed since then. I am really going to try to remember everything, but I might not. Alvin of course celebrated his first birthday, and he loved his cake. It was a very small family get together, so not much people.

Just about 2 months ago he started coming to work with me, which is a blessing, because he was going to a daycare close to home, but I felt more comfortable if he could come to me. I am getting used to driving in the snow. I don't like it, but it is something I have to do. In November of last year we found out we are having our second child, which is due in the beginning of August, so Alvin and his sibling will be 2 years apart. Alvin is walking all over the place, and climbing over foot stools to get into the kitchen. Well I guess it is good that we will be moving out this weekend. We are helping out my sister in law by having my niece move in with us, so she can be monitored more. It will be nice, because Alvin will have his own room, and we will have our own space.

In other news about my family. Found out my dad has lung cancer and he is going through Chemo. I have realized that my mom is a very strong women, because she is there for him. I hope to be as strong as her. It is hard to be away from my family at this time, but I know that my dad is strong, and he will pull through. My sister Mandy is moving here in the fall, because Patrick will be a professor at the University of Utah.

It is late, so this all I am writing know, but I am healthy, and the baby is doing good, and we will find out what we are having in just 3 days. We are hoping for a girl, but a healthy baby is good too.

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  1. Yeah Steph!! I'm proud of you for finally updating your blog. I'm so excited for your family. I'm looking forward to seeing you. Maybe I can show you how to put some pictures on here. Love ya.